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Form 'Guest-Registration'

Form 'Guest-Registration'

Due to the current Corona regulation, we have to record your name, address and telephone number in compliance with data protection regulations.

The Form Guest-Registration is for your Protection.

It will automatically be destroyed, 4 weeks after your visit.

You can download the form here

Comfortably fill it out at home and bring it with you. Then it takes only seconds at the Kino to enter the auditorium.

You cannot attend to the auditorium without the form.

If you buy the tickets online, you do not need to download the 'Guest-Registation' form.

Masks required

Masks are required when entering and leaving the cinema. 

You don't have to wear the mask at your seat.

Our top priority is your health and safety

•Are there limited seating capacities for each screening?

We strictly follow the current corona regulation and the accompanying limitation of seats in the auditorium.

• Are seats left free between groups of guests?

Distances between guest groups are automatically generated by an algorithm in our software. Due to the many aisles between the rows and our large row spacing, we are above the current corona regulation. Our investment last year in one of the most modern ventilation and air conditioning systems ensures a permanent fresh air exchange of up to 8,000 m3 per auditorium.

•Can queues be reduced by online ticket purchases?

Thanks to our lived 'philosophy of spatial generosity' we were able to implement a visitor guidance system in order to avoid queues regardless if you buy the tickets online or at the boxoffice counter. Comparable to the arrival and departure at an airport - the paths are completely separated from each other.

•Does the cinema staff support people in complying with the rules?

Our staff has been trained and sensitized to comply with the current regulations and will help if they are disregarded.

•Is contactless admission to the cinema possible when tickets were bought online?

Yes, the tickets will be scanned electronically from your mobile phone or from your printout.

•Can you still buy snacks and drinks?

Our concession bar is open - it can be paid anywhere contactless with debit and credit card.

•Will the cinema be cleaned more often due COVID19?

We have always attached great importance to hygiene and cleanliness. Thanks to our hygiene concept, the cleaning intervals and controls have been increased again.

•Are there disinfection stations in different places in the cinema to disinfect hands?

Disinfection stations are located directly at the entrance hall, at the toilets and at the hallway to the auditorium.

•Was there a special instruction/training for the staff?

Together with the local authorities, we have developed a hygiene concept and specially trained our staff based on it.

•Does the staff wear masks, possibly gloves, etc.?

Our staff wears permanent masks and uses other hygiene articles matching to the respective work process.