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It´s Showtime - Friday May 29th 2020

It´s Showtime - Friday May 29th 2020 - Now it´s up to you!

  Thank you for so much feedback for movie suggestions.

Not only there are no new releases, on top there are many film licenses blocked, why?

We still succeeded to put together the first package of your film wishes.  

Together with the local authority we did everything, to provide a secure and stress-free movie-experience.  

Who knows the Broadway Kino, understands even more our lived 'Philosophy of spaciousness'.  

It starts with the premium parking lot, leads over the Broadway into the entrance hall and lobby. Then into the spacious auditoriums, with the large seat distances and the many aisles.  Therefore no concerns regarding the social distance.  

Luck. Last year our big investment in state-of-the-art ventilation and air conditioning technology.

If everyone now respects the rules, it will be Movie Magic.  

It´s up to you now, to have the necessary trust to come. Otherwise we have to close again.   We are ready for You 

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